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e-Raptor Card Holder - 5S Solid

Board Game Card Holders
e-Raptor Card Holder - 5S Solid
e-Raptor Card Holder - 5S Solid
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Solid card holder, made of 5mm thick black plexiglass. Fits huge number of cards (about 650 cards without sleeves and about 520 sleeved). Save space on table and prevent piles of cards from collapsing. Perfect accessory to help players keep playing area in order and improve the game itself.

Designed to fit into standard 29 x 29 cm board game box.

Card size: 42x64 mm

This card holder is dedicated to Talisman 4th edition but also fits to:

- Arkham Horror 
- Battlestar Galactica (small) 
- Black Sheep 
- Cave Troll 
- Dungeon Twister
- Galloping Pigs
- Hare & Tortoise
- Red November
- Summoner Trinity
- Talisman 4th ed
- Twilight Imperium
- World of Warcraft: the Adventure Game 
- World of Warcraft: The Boardgame




Technical data

Dimensions (packed product):
height 8 cm
width 29 cm
length 9 cm
Fantasy Flight Sleeves:
Mini American 41x63 mm
Mini European 44x68mm
Mayday Game Sleeves:
Mini Euro 45x68mm (Blue)
Mini USA 41x63mm (Yellow)
Mini Chimera 43x65mm (Red)
- Plexiglass

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